Enhancing oil production and harvest with fungi and algae

Enhancing oil production and harvest by combining the marine alga Nannochloropsis oceanica and the oleaginous fungus Mortierella elongata. By Zhi-Yan Du, Jonathan Alvaro*, Brennan Hyden, Krzysztof Zienkiewicz, Nils Benning*, Agnieszka Zienkiewicz, Gregory Bonito, Christoph Benning
 (*outstanding undergraduate students of the team)

Published June 22nd, 2018: link

Check out the latest paper and press release on our research into physiological interactions between a synthetic consortium of the marine alga, Nannochloropsis oceanica, and the terrestrial fungus, Mortierella elongata. These organisms interact in ways that boost their oil production that can be harvested for human use in biofuels, nutrition, cosmetics and biotechnology. 


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